Old Mountain Farm Fair Lady

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 4/20/2022

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Stag Knight *B VEE 88
SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B VEE 88
SD: SG NC PromisedLand Nemesis 2*M VEEE 90
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Leeloni 3*M VVEE 89
DS: Old Mountain Farm Allegiance VEE 87 ++B
DD: NC PromisedLand Legacy Lonnie 2*M VEE+ 86

Lady's sire (Stag Knight) is the full brother of the 2018 National Premier Sire (SG Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk +*B). Bold Elk is the sire of the 2017 National Champion (SGCH Old Mountain Farm Merriment 3*M VEVE 89) and the 2018 Reserve Champion (SGCH Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk 2*M EEEE 92). Those champions are Lady's cousins.

M and B designations are milk production awards.

The letters and numbers at the ends of names are linear appraisal scores.

SG (Superior Genetics) designations are awarded to goats in the top 15% of the production index (PTI) for their breed. The PTI is a combination of milk test results and linear appraisal scores of a goat and its female relatives.

Lady is on track to earn her milk star as a first freshener!

Age DIM Milk %Fat %Protein Peak Volume
*1-09 133 304 6.3 4.3 2.7 pounds

*Only milked once a day in 2024

1 pound of milk is roughly 2 cups. 4 pounds of milk is roughly half a gallon.

2023 Conformation Photos

Kids Born at Puddlehaven

Puddlehaven Little Boy Blue

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf buckling
DOB: 2/13/2024

Sire: Old Mountain Farm JusPlainSven
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Fair Lady