Puddlehaven Astra

MDGA registered F2 Mini-LaMancha
77.6% LaMancha/22.4% Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 3/22/2022

Sire: Buck Creeks GK Kazumi *B
SS: FCH Ravenna's SA Glin Camp Bull +B
SD: FMCH Buck Creek Stables MK Karson *P
Dam: VCH Mtn Lodge FO Evora *P
DS: Mtn Lodge GR Forest
DD: Mtn Lodge BO Stella

Astra wants to be a part of everything going on and is quite vocal when left behind. No one is going to lose her!

Alpha S-1 Casein: E/F --> Click here for more information

2023 Conformation Photos

2022 Conformation Photos