Puddlehaven Cayenne

MDGA registered F1 Mini-LaMancha
43.75% LaMancha/56.25% Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 3/22/2022

Sire: Old Mountain Farm JusPlainSven
SS: Old Mountain Farm JustPlainEd VEV 87
SD: Old Mountain Farm BlakTyAffair 1*M +VVV 86
Dam: VCH Mtn Lodge FO Evora *P
DS: Mtn Lodge GR Forest
DD: Mtn Lodge BO Stella

Cayenne is agile and curious and always comes over to say hi when I walk in the barn.

VCH indicates finished show champions.

P and B designations are milk production awards.

The letters and numbers at the ends of names are linear appraisal scores.

Cayenne is milking well for a yearling first freshener!

Age DIM Milk %Fat %Protein Peak Volume
*0-10 77 246 6.1 3.3 3.4 pounds

*Only milked once a day in 2024

1 pound of milk is roughly 2 cups. 4 pounds of milk is roughly half a gallon.

Relatives at Puddlehaven

Half-sister Puddlehaven Lotus 2*P

Half-sister Puddlehaven Astra

Half-sister Puddlehaven Freckles

Half-brother Puddlehaven Ronin

2024 Conformation Photos (1st Freshening)

Kids Born at Puddlehaven


F1 Mini-LaMancha wether
DOB: 4/9/2024

Sire: Puddlehaven Ronin
Dam: Puddlehaven Cayenne

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