305 Day Milk Test

Why is it called 305 day milk test?

Officially, a lactation is 305 days and anything produced after that does not count toward stars.

Do I have to weigh and sample the milk every day?

No! You only need to weigh milk and take samples on test days. Most people test once a month.

When should I do my first test?

Testing can begin as soon as the doe stops producing colostrum, usually 5 days after kidding.

What is a test day like?

Check out my Milk Test Day page for a walk-through of a typical owner sampler test day.

Do I need someone “official” to come out and supervise me on test day?

That depends on which test type you choose.

Who can come out and supervise my verification test?

Can I do a one day milk test as my verification test?

Yes! You will have to fill out the paperwork for both the one day test and the verification test, but you can do both at the same time! Check out my one day milk test page for more info.

How much does my doe need to produce to earn a milk star?

How do I get started?

1. Contact a DHIA! Shipping times, pricing, and reliability are all important to consider when choosing your DHIA. I personally use Washington DHIA. A list of DHIAs can be found on the National DHIA website and ADGA also has their own list. You do not have to choose one in your own state. The DHIA you choose will give you a test to take on testing procedures. It’s open book. Use Google, check DHIR/DHIA/milk test Facebook groups, watch YouTube videos about filling out milk test paperwork, ask a friend. When you finish your test they will assign you a tester number and a herd code. They will ask you to choose a processing center to handle your data and then mail you the sample vials and paperwork you need for your first test. I use Amelicor but have also heard good things about DRMS.

2. Buy a scale to weigh milk and have it calibrated. The scale must be able to measure tenths of pounds. I use an American Weigh Scales PK-110 that cost $20. Any DHIA can calibrate your scale for a small fee.

3. Sign up with your breed registry:


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