Reference Goats

AH-Misk-Farms Leroy Brown AV+ 80

ADGA and MDGA registered Nigerian Dwarf

Leroy is an absolute sweetheart but I have a small herd and need to rotate bucks. I kept his daughter RRF Flicka.

Leroy now lives at Big Dog Ranch in Prosser, WA.

Click here for his archived Puddlehaven page

Sire: AGS KW Farms SH Sandra's Pride VEV 87
Sire's Sire: AGS Brush Creek RBL InSandrasHonor
Sire's Dam: AGS Camanna PL Electra Blue
Dam: AH-Misk-Farms Mahogany
Dam's Sire: AJ's-Udder-Delight Blue Marvel
Dam's Dam: Just Providence Molly Matters

RRF Jemma

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf

Jemma is a lovely lady but was constantly bullied by the other does. I kept her daughter RRF Flicka.

Jemma now lives nearby at Summit Canyon Farm in Yacolt, WA.

Sire: Coast-Wind BWC Chip
Sire's Sire: Country Pride BW Chase
Sire's Dam: Diji Farm CG Marmalaide
Dam: Caprikodas MD Poppy
Dam's Sire: Camanna CT Moon Dancer
Dam's Dam: AGS Deer Run Copper Penny