Goldenwood SL Odin

MDGA registered F1 Mini-LaMancha
75% LaMancha / 25% Nigerian Dwarf

Sire: Goldenwood ST Star Lord
Sire's Sire: Poppy Patch CM Stuart
Sire's Dam: Goldenwood BSL Sarah's Song VVEE 89
Dam: Goldenwood BSL Flora VVVE 87
Dam's Sire: Fir Meadow ALP Basil *B VEV 89
Dam's Dam: Goldenwood Abe Naomi VEEE 91

Odin loves snuggling humans and is gentle with the other (smaller) bucks.

His first kids arrived in 2018 and his first kids at Puddlehaven will arrive in 2019.

Conformation Photos