Puddlehaven Lotus 2*P

MDGA registered F2 Mini-LaMancha
81.25% LaMancha/18.75% Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 3/12/2019

Sire: Goldenwood SL Odin
SS: Goldenwood ST Star Lord
SD: Goldenwood BSL Flora VVVE 87
Dam: Mtn Lodge FO Evora *P
DS: Mtn Lodge GR Forest
DD: Mtn Lodge BO Stella

Lotus is calm, confident, and intelligent. Just like her dam!

Alpha S-1 Casein: A/A --> Click here for more information

She is on track to earn her milk star as a first freshener!

Age DIM Milk %Fat %Protein Peak Volume
2-00 201 1,187 3.3 3.1 7.0 pounds

1 pound of milk is roughly 2 cups. 4 pounds of milk is roughly half a gallon.

2021 Conformation Photos (first freshening)

2020 Conformation Photos

2019 Conformation Photos

Kids Born at Puddlehaven

Hawthorn, Brahmi, and Taro

Mini-LaMancha wethers
DOB: 3/12/2021

Sire: Buck Creeks GK Kazumi
Dam: Puddlehaven Lotus