The Guera

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 4/3/2020

Sire: Caprinos RI Merle VVE 87
SS: Pholia Farm KM Riot +*B V+E 87
SD: SG Pholia Farm HH Coconut Cream 3*M +AV+ 83
Dam: Mossy Valley CM Alcea 1*M
DS: SG Caprinos SA Cosmos A++ 79
DD: KW Farms RP Laurel

Guera is a little shy but gets along great with everyone.

M and B designations are milk production awards.

The letters and numbers at the ends of names are linear appraisal scores.

SG (Superior Genetics) designations are awarded to goats in the top 15% of the production index (PTI) for their breed. The PTI is a combination of milk test results and linear appraisal scores of a goat and its female relatives.