DHarts B Baby Blue Diamondz

MDGA registered F4 Mini-LaMancha

47.3% LaMancha/51.2% Nigerian Dwarf/1.6% Nubian

Sire: Glimmercroft Branagan
Sire's Sire: Tangletown Toft Scirocco
Sire's Dam: FCH Glimmercroft Faelan
Dam: DHarts DG Jade
Dam's Sire: Sweetbriar Ridge Dagwood
Dam's Dam: Minter Bays RN Zoey

Blue is our best-behaved goat. She will calmly do whatever you ask her to do at any time. She is the lowest ranking member of the herd but loves to play king of the mountain with anyone who will join her.

Blue was on milk test in 2018 as a first freshener. She is a very petite 21" at the withers and was dried off early because of fall vacation plans.

Age DIM Milk %Fat %Protein
1-09 212 720 4.0 3.6

Conformation Photos