DHarts B Baby Blue Diamondz

MDGA registered F4 Mini-LaMancha

47.3% LaMancha/51.2% Nigerian Dwarf/1.6% Nubian

Sire: Glimmercroft Branagan
Sire's Sire: Tangletown Toft Scirocco
Sire's Dam: FCH Glimmercroft Faelan
Dam: DHarts DG Jade
Dam's Sire: Sweetbriar Ridge Dagwood
Dam's Dam: Minter Bays RN Zoey

Blue is our best-behaved goat and is a real sweetie with humans. With the herd, she is quite playful and is the reigning champion of king of the mountain.

Blue is on milk test in 2018 as a first freshener.

Conformation Photos