Puddlehaven Athena ++VA 79

ADGA and MDGA registered Nigerian Dwarf

Sire: Caprinos RI Merle VVE 87
Sire's Sire: Pholia Farm KM Riot +*B V+E 87
Sire's Dam: SG Pholia Farm HH Coconut Cream 3*M +AV+ 83
Dam: CC Homestead Andromeda 1*M VEVV 89
Dam's Sire: AGS New Shadow Hills Debonaire
Dam's Dam: Chambermist Morning Star

Athena grew fast and was bred young. Her linear appraisal score is low because she's still just a kid. A big kid.

2019 milk test data in progress. Athena is on track to earn her milk star!

Age DIM Milk %Fat %Protein
0-11 85 232 4.3 4.3

Her conformation will improve with age!

Age Linear Appraisal Score
1-2 ++VA79

2019 Conformation Photos (First Freshening)

2018 Conformation Photos