How it all began...

Image of Ducklings Image of Chicks

It started in 2013 when we bought 4 acres near the small town of Yacolt, WA. It had two creeks and two ponds so of course we had to get ducks. A few months later we built a coop and added chickens. We decided to call our home Puddlehaven.

In 2015 a neighbor asked us if we wanted their herd of alpacas. How could we say no? So we put up fencing and herded the alpacas out their gate, down the road, and across our yard to their new home.

What animals go great with alpacas? Goats! Also, we had been thinking of getting goats for a while and now we had the fencing. We built an alpaca/goat house and bought two Nigerian Dwarf goats.

We learned a lot our first year and shuffled the herd composition until we arrived at the happy balance we have today. Plus our flocks of chickens and ducks.

Image of Alpacas Image of Does Image of Bucks